The integration of innovative and affordable technologies in the future aircraft platforms is a key success factor for manufacturers since it increases appeal and benefits for the customers (both airlines and passengers). more


The objective of the project will be to utilise the design of new active morphing devices that result from another R-IADP consortium and to integrate them for the first time in a ration 1:3 large scale laminar flow wing model for wind tunnel testing (WTT). more


From an environmental and societal point of view, it will be necessary to reduce the aviation environmental footprint through aircraft performance improvements (e.g. fuel efficiency, noise emission). This will be achieved by developing new flexible wings with integrated active morphing devices that assist to build next generation aerodynamic optimized Green Turboprop Regional Aircrafts. more


GRETEL activities and outputs are expected to have essential societal impacts. More than 3 million people are employed in the European Aircraft and Airlines industry. Therefore, strengthening the competitiveness of this industry and related SMEs through the development of st. more


M1 – GRETEL Consortium is investigating the morphing devices concepts, the design, stress, test, and manufacturing requirements. The initial CAD design evaluations for scaled wing concepts have been started in early February 2017 and are ongoing. more


The GRETEL project is composed of 6 partners belonging to organisations coming from Italy, Germany and Greece. This consortium comprises Universities, Research Institutes and private Enterprises. Each partner is of high importance to realise the objective of this project. This combination guarantees a complementation of each other with their distinct expertise, approaches and methodologies.

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GRETEL Project is led by Leonardo. GRETEL Consortium Partner are bringing key competences and technical contributions aligned to the high-level objectives.

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